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Pressure-Activated Vibrating Massage Cushion

Pressure-Activated Vibrating Massage Cushion

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Vibration has many therapeutic benefits for people of all ages, with or without disabilities or sensory processing disorders. It is a comfortable and convenient way to provide soothing, regulating and healing effects to any part of your body.

These pressure-activated vibrating cushions are simply amazing! These pillows are best used when they are sat on in order to provide sensory input through the core and rest of the body, which can help to encourage focus and attention. They are a wonderful cause and effect resource and allow users to decide when they receive the sensory input and when it stops. Cushions measure approximately 30 cm square. 

May not be suitable for young children (under 4 years) without adult assistance due to the pressure / weight required to activate the cushion.

As these cushions vibrate please be aware that they make noise when in use. They may not be suitable for use within the classroom during quiet times (such as book reading, etc) due to the noise. 


  • The Vibration Cushion is not waterproof and should never be used around or submerged in water.
  • The vibration mechanism emits a noise that may not be suitable for some children. Each child will respond differently to them, and they are not toys and caution should be used when they are treated as such.
  • The Vibration Cushion is intended for use with children ages 4+ with parental supervision. While they are designed to ensure safety, we are not responsible if any contents are ingested or misused, or for injury resulting from electrical components.
  • It is recommended that yo do not run the motor continuously for more than 15 minutes at a time, to avoid over-heating and motor burn-out
  • Do not use the Cushion while its charging.
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