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Who'd You Rather Party Game

Who'd You Rather Party Game

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The ultimate adult party game in this game you attempt to be the first player to reach $1 million by performing risque activities or by betting on the sexual preferences of other players in the following categories (as taken from the rules):

- Pics - some are hot, some are not - but you must choose one!
- Celebs: this category compares two well-known celebrities.
- Turn ons/turn offs: this category is all about the things that might get you excited or disgusted!
- Down and dirty: this category lets it all out. This is where other find out what you're really about - between the sheets, that is.
- Anything goes: this is the action category. You'll get to see people do things you never really thought they would do.

Each turn, the active player spins to see which category they must follow. They will then be asked to perform the action required to earn cash, or select their preference of two options (a or b) presented. They choose between a or b and place their answer card face-down in front of them. All other players also place an answer card in front of themselves with the answer they think the active player chose. Bets may be placed on answers to increase the money earned by a correct guess. The active player must reveal their answer and explain themselves. All correct players earn $50k plus whatever they bet. Incorrect players lose any money they wagered.

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