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Uno Iconic 2010's

Uno Iconic 2010's

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UNO Iconic 2010's – LOL!

?UNO is celebrating 50 Years of Being Wild with this Special Limited Edition deck inspired by the decade that started in 2010.  It is the fifth and final UNO deck in a series of five, that celebrate iconic images from each decade of the UNO game, from the 1970's to today!

The colours of this special edition '10s deck need no special filters. They're ready to represent the decade of social media and streaming content, meat dresses and royal weddings.

The game that brings people together for fast-paced fun and unpredictable twists has never been so nostalgic! 

Game play is just like the classic UNO game, and when a player is down to one card, don't be a n00b, bruh - just yell “UNO!” to claim victory!

Each deck sold separately and subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.
This edition will complement any UNO lover’s game closet, ages 7 years and older.  Card lovers will want to add the whole UNO Iconic series to their collection. Each card and box is designed in a different throwback style.

8 x WILD cards
1 x Special Rule card
3 x Customisable cards
25 x Green cards
25 x Red Cards
25 x Yellow Cards
25 x Blue Cards
1 x Set of Game Instructions
For 2-10 Players
Recommended for Ages 7+

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