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Kasparov Wood Chess Set

Kasparov Wood Chess Set

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Garry Kasparov was undisputed world chess champion and #1 ranked player for over eighteen years. Kasparov was intimately involved in the design of these chess sets, to ensure a great chess experience for those who play with it. The set includes redesigned and rethought chessmen following Kasparov’s concept of having the size of the pieces reflect their playing value. Each chess piece is hand crafted from solid wood. To play they are set up on the high quality, sturdy cardboard chessboard. Each Kasparov set also comes with a large booklet providing clear, detailed instructions from the basic setup to more advanced playing methods. All parts store conveniently inside the durable gift box. A great chess set for both new players and families to help new players fall in love with the game!

Large wooden chess pieces
Thick, durable playing board opens 36cm
Includes basic instructions as well as playing strategy to help new players fall in love with the game
Linen finish & Silver foil embossed gift box style packaging

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